FAQ: These are typical questions that are often asked in regard to life insurance, disability insurance and related areas.
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1. What are the different forms of life insurance?

Whole Life
Term Insurance
Universal Life
Indexed Universal Life
Variable Life


2. Why should I purchase life insurance?

Protection of family in case of loss of income
Create an estate
Tax deferred cash value accumulation
Protection in case of death (total loss of income)
Creditor Protection



3. Why should I purchase disability insurance?

Disability income insurance is the protection in case your income is totally or partially limited due to a physical or mental disability.


4. What is long term care insurance? How does it differ from medicare/medical or health insurance?

Long Term Care- protection provided in case of nursing required (either in-home or nursing home) lasting at least 3 months.


5. When should I apply for Social Security benefits?

Depending on your age, financial resources and abilities, the time for registering or applying is variable.  I can help with your decision-making.


6. When should I retire? When will I have enough assets to retire?

Depending on your age, financial resources and employment options these decisions vary with each individual.


7. What are the different forms of annuities? 

Annuity Types: Fixed, Deferred, Immediate, Indexed

Annuities are complex and diverse.  Depending on your needs, resources and risk orientation, these products can offer varying types of income and protections.  There are options to consider before making an investment.


8. Should I prepare a will? A living trust, a revocable trust, an irrevocable trust?

If you have any meaningful assets or income, you should have a will or a trust.  Different options must be considered, including price and the size of your estate.


I can answer all these questions and help you secure your future. 

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